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frequently asked questions

Where can I buy your gin?

You can buy our gin via this website.  On the top menu there is a section called SHOP, follow the steps to buy our Loch Achall gin this way.  Or just click HERE. If you have any problems please email:  We also have our Pop-Up open in Ullapool where you can try and buy our gin, please see information on the 'News' page.


Why is my gin cloudy?

In cold weather our gin may go slightly cloudy, this is the oil from the botanicals, which show in lower temperatures.  Some spirits use chill filtering however we choose not to as we believe that it takes away a lot of the flavours in our gin.  The botanicals, the spirit that comes from the still and the UV filtered loch water are the three components to our gin.  No alterations in between and we think this is essential to create a tasty gin!


Can I come for a tour?

Unfortunately due to the size of the distillery we cannot offer tours and the distillery can’t be open to the public.  We apologise for any inconvenience and hope in the future we will be able to offer this as an option.

Why does postage and packaging go up every bottle I order?

Every bottle of our gin gets wrapped in a bubble wrap sleeping bag and a double layered box to ensure that it gets to you safely and in one piece.  The cost of our postage and packaging includes: the box, sleeping bag and 2nd class postage – no additional costs are added.

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