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The Glen

Rhidorroch Distillery sits at the heart of Glen Achall on Rhidorroch Estate.  This is where I grew up along with my two sisters, the third generation of Scobies to call Rhidorroch home since my grandad bought it in 1956.  Our family has always shaped the way we work around the land, its needs and what it provides.  From a young age, my sisters and I have done the same, working alongside our parents with the glen as the perfect setting for our childhood adventures. 


The glen thrives with natural ingredients and has so much to offer that my dad was always inspired to make the best use of it in every way. That's how his dream of building his own distillery was born many years ago. It was a dream he shared with me. We both wanted to make the most of the special location we had in the glen and thought it would be a great addition to Ullapool.  

In the years since my dad's passing I have worked hard to make our dream a reality.  Located at the West end of the glen, the building I chose as the distillery's home was originally a pony shed set up by my granny for her trekking business. 


It took a year to gut and renovate the entire building, guided by the expertise of my partner Lawrie, and get our gin ready for production and to send out into the world.

Being up in the glen is very special.  Not only is it beautiful, peaceful and full of life, it is also full of many happy memories.

And that is The Spirit of The Glen.

Katie Scobie 

Owner and Distiller

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