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The Place                   

Rhidorroch Distillery is located on the North West coast of the Scottish Highlands on Ullapools local estate.  A pony trekking shed no longer in use was the foundation of the distillery and with some wood work, new fittings and a bit of time it became the perfect home for Rhidorroch Distillery.  The distillery sits on the edge of a loch, in the middle of the glen, a tranquil place surrounded by hills which are home to an abundance of wild plants and animals. 

The small distillery maintains the family ethos to work side by side with the land to create carefully crafted, small batched highland spirits.

The Ingredients 

Loch Achall is the heart of the glen and its beating river flows west towards Ullapool.  On its way the stunningly crystal cold water winds alongside the distillery and is used in the gin production.

The loch's surrounding hills are home to an array of wildlife from furry animals to succulent plants. Botanicals such as gorse flower, heather, rowan berries and a little juniper are handpicked and they are what gives the gin its floral and citrus flavour.


The King Pin

Bea is the pot bellied copper still, named after the distiller’s sister’s gorgeous collie. 


She has the most important jobs (apart from looking pretty), she is in charge of creating a fantastic gin by boiling the neutral spirit with the botanicals in that belly of hers.  The lochs water is also used to cool her condenser, which in turn creates the spirit.

Without Bea none of this would be possible!  

The Distiller

Katie is a girl who loves all things full of spirit.

She grew up on Rhidorroch and has been dreaming about this distillery for many years.  Both her and her dad have always thought it would be an exciting addition to the Ullapool area to have a distillery in the glen. 

The travelling genes had been passed onto her by her parents and she flew around the world not only travelling but working and visiting many distilleries to gain experience to one day take back to Scotland.

But as they say, theres no place like home, so now back in the Highlands Katie is creating something very special and something very close to her heart. 

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